Does any have recommendations a place to stay near SMX Davao?

Desi Marie Enage Sapnit: You are looking for a good place near SMX Davao? Can you make this public so i can ask or tag my Davaoeño friends?

Carol Lee Dimaano: Yes, sure. Thanks much for your help!

Desi Marie Enage Sapnit: Apple Mariz Dalisay, I know you can help here too.

Mariz Dalisay: Hi Desi. The good place near SMX Davao Convention Center are waterfront or orange grove hotel.

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The punisher group Davao Death Squad (DDS)

The group is allegedly responsible for summary executions of street children and any individuals suspected of petty crimes and drug trafficking. The Davao Death Squad (DDS) is a punisher group supposedly active in the Philippines, Davao City.

Everyone believed that the Davao Death Squad (DDS) group is responsible for the killing and disappearance of people in 1998 – 2008. The Human Rights Commission (HRC) sent reports to the US State Department in 2005 about extrajudicial killings in Davao. In fact, they did another investigation in 2009. However, they discontinued the investigation due to the stonewalling of the local government under Duterte.

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The Beauty of Davao City’s Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a famous world-class beach resort in Samal Island  of Davao City. It is on a secluded cove in the Island of Samal with  white sandy beaches and flourishing flora and fauna.

Today, the Pearl Farm Beach Resort has 73 elegant guestrooms, suites, cottages, and villas. In fact, they created the rooms and villas above the sea with a deep blue water view of Davao Gulf. Each room contains air condition, cable television, telephone, coffee/tea maker, mini bar, and room safe. All private toilets and baths have hair-dryers.

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Davao Transportation: Taxis, Jeepneys, Tricycles and Trisikads

Davao Transportation is usually one of the least of concerns people have when living in Davao City. One, the traffic situation not as bad as in other metropolises in the country. Two, the cost of living is low.

Visitors to the city of Davao have a few forms of public transportation available to them.  These include taxis, jeepneys, tricycles and trisykads.

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