Where to find cheap yet reliable life vests in Davao?

Karezza Laine Quizada: I have a home near Magsaysay going to Agdao where I can see life vests hanging. I just do not know the price and quality. Check it out.

Aldwin Bangoy Capin: Thank You

Jill Villanueva-Palarca: Cheap and quality are two words that do not go together when it comes to safety

Aldwin Bangoy Capin: True Miss Jill, I realized that upon getting the recommendations from friends.

John Carlo Borja Tria: In blue mountain safety. You can go and check life vests from there.

Blue Mountain Safety Products
168 Tulip Dr, Matina, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur, Philippines

Aldwin Bangoy Capin: Thank you Sir John. Will check this out.

Jestoni Mater Buot: I think it’s almost 500 pesos.

Oliver Dizon Baronday: you can find a good one for 950.00

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