Does any have suggestions for climbing Mount Apo?

Does any have suggestions for climbing Mount Apo?

Sherika Renice Lockhart: Save up and take a helicopter to the top and hike back down? Maricel Bangoy Beaumia hiked this Mount Apo. Maybe she can help

Amy Pruett: Maricel Bangoy Beaumia – I would love any wisdom you could share

RaJah Pendon: My friend Pedro Ni Biyahe climbed mount apo and  guided groups a few times. I highly suggest getting a guide

Kix Sarenas: I climbed with a group called the Social Climbers – Your Peak Experience

Social Climbers – Your Peak Experience
Recreation & Sports Website
1979 Way 8000 Davao City

Michelle Baquiran: Let’s do it Rika

Maricel Bangoy Beaumia: Thanks for mentioning Rika. Tips: 1. It is so much easier to climb the Apo during summer time 2. Hire a guide and a porter ( If you need a guide just message me) 3. You need to register in Kapatagan before you climb and always wear your ID 4. Bring a super durable shoes 5. When you go down in Kidapawan North Cotabato try to stop by in Lake Agco. Mud pool lake, hotspring/coldspring 6. Enjoy

Amy Pruett: Awesome Thank you

Casey Miller: Yes don’t go in rainy season

Nell Jone Astudillo: The best Mt. Apo climb guide Allan Vergara

Mt Talomo
4.6 ★ Mountain
8000 Calinan Davao City Philippines

Amy Pruett: Thanks for the referral!


Gideon Kriel: One of my bucket list ideas. To climb Apo too. The tallest mountain in Philippines. One day!

Tom MacIntosh: Prepare for the cold weather at the peak

Peak Studios UK – PH
4.8 ★ $ Business Service
Green St. Dacoville Davao City

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