Return to Work Is Coming for Your Pandemic-Era Home

Return to Work Is Coming for Your Pandemic-Era Home

Listening to podcasts can be a fun break from the mundane of the day-to-day, and what’s more, it can be a great resource for optimizing our work and maximizing our productivity. Well, someone has—and Gimlet’s Every Little Thing podcast finds the answers to these listener questions and more, no matter how strange or obscure. Their willingness to tackle off-the-wall topics answers questions about the world that you never knew you had. It’s true that many millennials, especially those with younger children, made major changes during the pandemic’s reconfiguration of work. Millennials, who the Great Recession previously left reeling, were all of a sudden winning the Great Resignation and, for some, making enough money to move up and out. If you’re working from home or in an empty office today, you can thank — or blame — a millennial.

  • Even those who are going in are trying to retain their newfound flexibility — don’t expect to see white-collar workers in person on Fridays, or even on Mondays.
  • On this episode, we explore the future of remote work, and hear about the latest research on which settings and models are best.
  • After discovering a shared love of crime stories at a Halloween party in 2015, comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark teamed up to start a simple podcast in which each would share the story of a famous murder.
  • This limited episode podcast started in 2018 and lasted through 2019 before stopping.

Hosted by Laura McClellan, The Productive Woman is for busy women seeking advice to balance their work and family life. And sharing stresses and challenges, the podcast supports women to accomplish the goal of maintaining a healthy life balance. Their shows are generally 40 to 45 minutes long, and since each of the three hosts works from a home office, the trio has plenty of relevant advice for those who work from home, whether or not you’re a writer. Spencer Haws is a leading authority on making money through niche websites. Whether you want to get into link building, learn more about Google AdSense, or flip sites, this is the podcast for you. One of the most valuable things about this podcast is that he often interviews successful niche site founders and does case studies that reveal exact numbers.

Podcasts in the work-from-home era

It is not until you dive into this world that you realize how amazing it can be. As for older workers, they may be less keen to work from home “because they no longer have childcare responsibilities, or simply because they like to socialize at the workplace,” noted Bloom and his fellow researchers. “Lindsey and Krista were very strategic about the space being accommodating for both work and day-to-day living,” says Dani. “We designed this to be an oasis they and their podcast guests can record in and also create content to help promote.” A daybed is a perfect item for relaxing and changing up your position.

Host Deena McKay tells the stories of Black entrepreneurs in the tech field, sharing underrepresents on remote work and online business. Black Tech Unplugged is working from home podcast a great podcast about tech innovation from an alternative point of view. So, Hosts Naresh Vissa and Adam Schroeder are both founders of remote media businesses.

Workplace Podcasters

Whether you’re already working remote or searching for your first work from home gig, you might be interested in listening to some podcasts on the topic. Many remote workers have their own side hustles in addition to full time roles, with more than 24% of Americans involved in the digital gig economy. With atypical schedules and more freedom, remote workers have created a community of independent thinkers, creatives, and motivational supporters of the flexible work movement. Remote work encompasses a new era in the business world of job flexibility, autonomy, and personal growth. Telecommuters have more independence when it comes to balancing their work day and projects, making every remote worker their own boss in some way.

What I like about this podcast it that it’s really for anyone who isn’t working in traditional office role. This limited episode podcast started in 2018 and lasted through 2019 before stopping. At the time of compiling this post, there are 200 episodes, and yes, they are regularly being produced. Those of you who are new to remote work and working from home will likely find podcasts that cover the topic from every angle the most interesting.

Portage County Safety Council Podcast

People in their 20s typically want to be in the office three to four days a week to socialize and get mentorship — “and because home is often a cramped apartment share.” The number of people working remotely has fallen significantly since the peak of COVID-19 — but is still far higher than pre-pandemic levels. There are some initiatives that could incentivize more employees to work in-person — or at least increase their satisfaction about already going into the office — the poll shows. Most hybrid workers (55%) say paying employees more for their in-office work would provide “a lot” of encouragement for them to work in-person more often.

  • Now, the upfront costs of smart devices are becoming very competitive and, in some cases, not much more than their non-smart equivalents, but they still have a premium price.
  • When I first started researching remote work podcasts, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
  • First up, here are some recommendations for podcasts for remote workers to motivate, inspire, relax, and focus.
  • You’re in for a whole lot of fun as she dissects all things relationships from singledom to sexual encounters, the meaning of romance, dating, marriage and more.

“Employees really value more of when to do work vs. where to do work,” Castellano, who was not involved in the NORC surveys, said. He added that this is a key benefit for many remote workers today — and could be duplicated in physical offices with the right policy, such as having flexible start times. No matter what industry you work in, these remote work podcasts will help you to unlock your critical thinking side and find the role that best fits your talents. Whether you are in the mood to do exercises and flex your brain or listen and be inspired, try listening to a few episodes to hear about another creative’s story.

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