Malagos Garden Resort, another good spot in Davao?

Malagos Garden Resort, another good spot in Davao?

When you are in Davao, among the top 5 visits of the city for travelers who love to see the beauty and wonder of nature is the Malagos Gardens. Indeed, Malagos Garden Resort comes next to the Philippine Eagle Center, Eden Nature’s Park and the Crocodile’s Park.

It is located in, Davao City, Barangay Malagos in Calinan. This garden resort contains with multitude of rare orchids and tall trees. You’ll see a lot of pine trees in the garden. In addition, it allows the visitors to see their beautiful waling-waling forest, flower farm, durian orchard, bird park, Sculptural artwork and amphitheater.

Malagos Garden Resort offers a very good fruit wine. It’s a dessert wine made up of tree or bignay berries. It has a restaurant, fishponds, golf driving range, swimming pool, adventure playground, seminar halls, campsite, and cottages. Moreover, the resort features a bird show. The bird show, in Malagos, is the only interactive bird show in the Philippines. Hawk is their famous animal or bird in the show. The bird show is made to reinforce respect for animals and environmental awareness.

They have beautiful attractions located in the resort, as follows: butterfly sanctuary, horseback riding, landscape gardens, children’s playground, golf driving range and fishponds. With an entrance fee worth of 100.00 or 125.00 Philippine money for weekend, you can already have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

Accommodations and Rooms

The resort consists Superior and Deluxe Cottages that can accommodate 6 to 10 visitors or guests. It contains 21 Standard Cottages that can accommodate 4 to 5 visitors or guests. Then, the Narra Hall, a dormitory type accommodation. This can accommodate 50 guests per room.

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